Floor Graphics are an unobtrusive way to send a message and promote your business. With a variety of different materials and a host of printing methods for you to choose from, you can’t go wrong with a custom vinyl floor graphic. These floor graphics are also very durable, covered by a clear protective overlaminate that is designed for foot traffic.

Durable, non-slip Floor Graphics for your business

Spice up your business with durable, safe, high-quality floor graphics

Vinyl Floor Graphics

The materials used to create your custom floor graphics, labels and stickers are warrantied by our manufactures 3M,  Avery Dennison and General Formulations. All decal and label materials are warrantied for interior and exterior use, lasting for many years. The printing and fabricating process comes with a satisfaction guarantee that Advantage Signs and Graphics has stood behind for over 30 years.
Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee

Floor Decal Ordering Process

Tell us how your floor graphic is to be used (inside or out?) (what will it be applied to?)
How durable should your floor decal be? (cleaning solutions, chemicals)
Decal Size?
Decal Quantity?
With this information we can provide material options, pricing and production times.

Artwork / Design

You can either send us a predesigned graphic to print, or send us text, colors, graphics, photos and our designers can create a custom decal for you.

Production Schedule

Production times can vary depending on materials, quantities, scheduling, need, equipment, a typical order once approved can ship in 3 to 5 production days.

Material Options

Cast Vinyl - durable
Calendered Vinyl - $$ effective
Clear Vinyl- Versatile
Reflective Vinyl - 24/7 visibility

A protective overlaminate keeps your Floor Graphics fresh

The overlaminate has multiple functions in a Floor Graphic application. The first is that it offers protection for the ink and the vinyl. For a three to six months’ application in a heavy foot traffic retail environment, the Floor Graphic needs protection from constant abrasion. Without the protective overlaminate, the ink would not withstand constant abuse and will wear away in a short time without protection from an overlaminate. By protecting the Floor Graphic, the quality will be maintained and catch the attention of consumers over the lifetime of the graphic.

Safety is key for all Floor Graphics

The floor decal must be able to stand up to foot traffic. Floor Graphics in this category must have a traction rating to ensure that people can safely cross them. Overlaminates are designed to not become abnormally slick, which could cause a loss of traction and a potential slip/fall by the consumer. Slip resistance will remain the same from the day of application to the day of removal.

Floor Graphics are easy to clean and care for

In addition to floor graphic protection, the majority of overlaminates are formulated from the same basic resins used to produce common commercial floor tiles. This means that these types of floor graphics may be cleaned daily. Since these products are in the same chemical family as commercial floor tiles, the same cleaning and waxing procedures can be used on the floor and on the graphic overlaminate without causing premature failure of the graphic. The overlaminate will also withstand abrasion induced by scrubbing and polishing machines.

Carpet Floor Graphics? No Problem!

Hard floors aren’t the only place you can put a high-quality vinyl Floor Graphic. We can also supply your business with decals that will stick comfortably to carpeted floors. For commercial carpet flooring (tight weave, short nap), we can guarantee a carpet floor graphic for up to 6 months. Add texture and style to any carpeted surface with floor graphics from Advantage Signs & Graphics.
In addition to indoor applications, our vinyl Floor Graphics can also be utilized outside. The durability of the graphic can stand up to foot traffic, tires, and the heaviest of rains.

Outdoor Floor Graphics

Branding for your business

Reinforcing your branding around your property adds trust for your customers and increases the visual appeal of your business. We can apply Floor Graphics to most types of commercial flooring.

Optimize your foot traffic

Floor Graphics from Advantage Signs & Graphics can be used for heavy foot traffic retail settings in addition to counter service and restaurant applications.
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