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Custom Vinyl Company Logo Decals

Your business logo can be a high quality Company Logo Decal

Send us your company logo artwork and we will create custom decals that are affordable, durable and versatile. Whether building brand awareness or labeling important equipment, these vinyl company logo decals will last for many years to come. Call or email us for more information.
Custom logo decals can be printed on a variety of materials, each serving specific purposes. Opt for clear vinyl to create transparent stickers suitable for any surface, or choose reflective vinyl for enhanced visibility day and night. Our white or solid color decals are the most common choice and provide durability and coverage.

Business stickers and labels are a cheap way to advertise

To maximize your brand's impact, consider distributing custom vinyl decals to your customers. Whether they're applied to cars, laptops, water bottles, or other items, these stickers provide a cost-effective way to showcase your brand in everyday settings. By handing out high-quality decals, you can significantly boost brand visibility without the hefty price tag of traditional advertising methods like billboards or digital ads. Once distributed, these custom decals act as a one-time investment that continues to promote your brand indefinitely.
Custom business logo labels cut vinyl
Cast Vinyl
A durable and flexible vinyl that will adhere to any surface, curved or flat.

Calendered Vinyl

A rigid, cost effective vinyl that is perfect for small print runs and budgets.

Clear Vinyl
A versatile material that won't get in your way.

Reflective Vinyl
Reflective vinyl company logo decal is visible 24/7

Business logo decal material options

You need a custom logo vinyl decal that is durable and waterproof

We are dedicated to creating durable company logo decals with lasting quality. All of our vinyl decals are waterproof and some of our laminates even come with UV protection when you know your custom decal will be exposed to the sun and elements. Using these durable materials ensures longevity, providing you with confidence that your decal will remain intact for years to come. You can trust our knowledgeable staff to assist you in choosing the perfect vinyl and laminate tailored to your project requirements.

You can use a company logo decal just about anywhere

There is no limit to the applications of a vinyl company logo decal. They can be used as bumper stickers, window stickers, or even as a shipping label. Hand them out to customers so they can stick them to their personal belongings and advertise for you. Get a roll of many small decals, or get one giant graphic for a window or door, it's your choice. Your company logo decal can be made to stick to any surface like metal, glass, plastic or walls.
custom business logo decals
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The vinyl and laminate materials used to create your company logo decals, labels and stickers come with a warranty from our manufacturers: 3M,  Avery Dennison and General Formulations. All logo decal and label materials are warrantied for interior and exterior use, lasting for many years. The printing and fabricating process comes with a satisfaction guarantee that My Decal Printer has stood behind for over 30 years.
Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee
Company Logo Decal Ordering Process
Decal Quote
-Tell us how your custom company logo decal is to be used (interior, exterior, surface it is being applied to, etc.)
- How durable should your Logo decal be? (we have very durable laminates!)
- Decal Size?
- Decal Quantity ?
With this information we can provide material options, pricing and production times.

Artwork / Design

You can either send us a predesigned graphic to print, or send us text, colors, graphics, photos and our designers can create a custom decal for you.

Production Schedule

Production times can vary depending on materials, quantities, scheduling, need, equipment, a typical order once approved can ship in 3 to 5 production days.
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