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Wall Graphics and Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl wall graphics are a great way to dress up the walls of your business.

Waiting rooms

Office murals

Custom artwork

Photograph wall graphics
From one small graphic to an entire walls worth of decal, Advantage Signs and Graphics can supply your business with wall graphics, images, or vinyl lettering that will spice up the walls of your business. Company logos, inspirational quotes, murals, and infographics are just some of the options when creating a wall graphic for your business.

What are the benefits of
custom vinyl wall graphics?

What business wouldn't want a big, high quality wall graphic of their logo on the wall where customers walk in? A customized decal is the perfect way to give your business that "we are successful and will be here for a long time" look. From custom designs to company logos, any graphic can be printed and placed on your business walls.
Wall graphic vinyl
Cast Vinyl - Durable

Calendered Vinyl
- Cost effective

Clear Vinyl- Versatile

Reflective Vinyl - 24/7 visibility
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