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With this information we can help plan your decal project.
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You provide us text, graphics, or photos and we will create an initial decal proof. You can make changes or suggestions as needed and we will modify until it is to your liking. If needed we can help you with the design of our decal. When the decal layout is correct, we will need your approval by email or signed proof copy.

You can either send us a predesigned graphic to print, or send us text, colors, graphics, photos and our designers can create a custom decal for you.

Samples are available.
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After artwork is finalized, payment arrangements are made in order to begin the production process. For payment, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and AmEx. You may also pay by check or set up an account and use a purchase order. Once your payment is received, we will begin production.

We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards. When you pay, set up an account with Advantage Signs and Graphics to make your next purchase quicker and easier!a
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A final detailed production proof will be sent to you for your approval. Once approved production will be roughly 10 business days and then the plaque will be shipped to you!

Beautiful decals produced in 2 - 5 business days, then delivered to you.
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All decals created by My Decal Printer are made to order. To help you get the best solution at a fair price we need to ask the right questions. Size, decal materials and quantity are the main factors that influence price and quality. Gathering the right information lets us create the best decal solution for your needs.

Ordering Decals: What we need to know and why

How is your decal being used?
- outdoor vs indoor
- short use vs long lasting
- special uses...underwater / chemical spills / machine grease / removal

Knowing this information helps choose base material, adhesive requirements and whether a laminate (used to protect the decal from outside elements) is necessary

What is the finished size of your decal?
Size matters. The larger the decal, the more material, the more it costs.

What is the shape of your decal?
The more intricate the decal the more difficult the decal can be to create.

How many would you like?
Price per decal declines with increased quantity. Ask for pricing at different quantities.

Do you have artwork?
If no we have in-house design staff to help create what you need. If yes, please send the art or a photo. This gives us the opportunity to send you the most accurate quote.

Do we need to match any special colors (Pantone colors)?

When do you need your decals? Are there special shipping instructions?
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Or call 1-877-395-9610
Choose your colors, size, and specifications that you need and we will put together a quote for you. If you need help deciding or have questions, call or email us and our decal experts will help you in selecting the decal that is right for you. Once you approve the pricing we will move on to the decal layout.
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