If your business needs a durable, long lasting decal that can stand up to everything mother nature has to throw at it, consider purchasing a decal treated with Tuff - Cover Laminate. This hardy laminate will give your decal or label the protection in needs to last for years to come!

Tuff Cover is an 8mil velvet texture laminate. It features clear, permanent, acrylic, pressure sensitive adhesive. With almost 2x the UV - reflective power, Tuff Cover can keep your colors safe for up to 9 years.

Protect your decals and labels from weather and sun damage.

TuffCover UV9 Laminate

Tuff Cover Laminate


Tuff - Cover is flexible, and resistant to cracking due to intense cold or pressure. Tuff - Cover Laminate is perfect for outdoor machines like ATMs and gas pump panels.

Product Dimensions



1.5 Perm UV-Inhibitive acrylic

UV Life

9 years at +70°F

Verified by independent Outdoor & QUV tests.

Adhesive Properties

General purpose permanent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. Works on most surfaces. Not recommended for low energy plastics.

Service Tempurature Range

1 year at -40°F to 175°F
Rigid clear film with an embossed velvet texture and a clear permanent acrylic adhesive. Use for over laminating. Outdoor testing of Tuff Cover™ in Arizona yielded excellent results for blocking UV damage and preserving printed colors. This film also exhibits excellent resistance to petroleum, cleaning agents, and cracking (flex-stress tests) under the stress of push-button overlay applications. The UV additives inherent in the product can migrate to the surface on rare occassion, and be visible as spots that can be wiped off with a dry cloth. We cannot accept returns if the product is rejected for that reason

Minimum Application Tempurature

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