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Advantage Signs are Graphics are experts in the design, creation, and installation of custom calendered vinyl decals, labels, and stickers. If your business is in need of any vinyl-based marketing materials like equipment decals, company logo stickers, or warning labels, and more: Advantage Signs and Graphics is standing by to assist you with getting the perfect decal made.

Does your business need quality and affordable calendered vinyl decals? Look no further!

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Is calendered vinyl the right material for my decal, label, or sticker?

The first thing is that calendered vinyl wants to stay flat. This is because calendered vinyl begins it life as vinyl in a flat state as a semi - solid. Pressure and heat is what gives calendered vinyl its even thinner, flatter shape, and these properties together make the calendered materials excel at staying flat for a very long time. The process of calendaring vinyl is more efficient AND economical than casting vinyl.

What does calendered mean?

Calendering is an age old process of running heated PVC (in a dough-like state) through sets of rollers, which cools, flattens, and then strengthens the material into rigid sheets at the desired thickness. The cylindrical rollers is what gives the technique its name, because "calender" is the Greek word or "cylinder".
1) Cylindrical Rollers

2) Doughy, un-formed material to be calendered

3) Material passes between rollers and is flattened

4) Material has been successfully calendered and output to rollers

Pros and Cons of cast vinyl decals and labels

Calendered vinyl vs Cast vinyl is an age old argument that has been had since the dawn of the printing industry. Ask 3 different printing professionals, and they will give you 3 different answers.

What we can tell you with 100% certainty is that there are specific characteristics of calendered vinyl that sets it apart from from its cast counterpart. 

Perfect for flat surfaces

A more economical vinyl film.

Calendering is a more efficient and economical way to produce vinyl. The process involves no solvent, no casting mold, and has a lower energy cost to produce. The result of this, however, is a decal that has a shorter lifespan than that of cast vinyl. This makes calendered vinyl perfect for short-term applications like transit vehicle advertisements like buses and trams.
The calendering process results in a vinyl film that excels at keeping its flat shape during its lifetime. Calendering vinyl makes it naturally want to lie flat, resulting in an easier application. Calendered vinyl is much more rigid than cast vinyl. Perfect for flat surface applications like windows, walls, doors, and trailer graphics.
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