Screen Printing Decals

Screen printing decals, labels, or stickers have distinct benefits over straight-to-output devices like digital printers. Screen printing provides a much more vibrant graphic, due to the thicker applications of ink to the vinyl. Blacks are much deeper, and blues, reds, and yellow shine brighter than ever.

Screen Printed decals are a perfect solution to your businesses decal needs

Screen Printing Decals
Silkscreen printing is a time-tested process of printing that dates back hundreds of years. Silkscreen printing involves stretching a piece of silk or synthetic polyester (nylon) over a frame. A stencil is created by covering the negative spaces of the graphic (or covering the shape of the actual graphic). Then, ink is spread over the top of the screen, with the vinyl underneath the semi - permeable screen.  The result is a thick layer of fresh ink, which produces a much more durable and vibrant decal.
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