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Find out what the big deal is about removable vinyl decals
Concept 221 is a 6.0 mil premium white gloss semi rigid calendared vinyl film coated with 200-4982 removable acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive laminated to a 90# tight release digital liner designed for roll processing . This film is designed to accept a variety of solvent-based, UV curable and latex inks common to wide format digital printing systems

Removable adhesive for decals that are usable over and over again.

Low tack vinyl

Removable decals are a versitile solution to your businesses decal needs.

Removable decals are a very unique way of displaying vinyl graphics. With our low tack adhesive produced by General Formulations, you can be sure that your removable decal is reusable over and over again. The Concept 221 adhesive used for these removable decals is industry tested to not stick to much, but stick just enough to be a reliable, resilient, and still removable decal, label, or sticker.

Low tack doesn't mean low quality.

Removable vinyl is can be mistaken as being made of "low quality" materials, which is why it is able to be applied and removed with ease. The reason for this is actually the exact opposite. Our low tack, removable adhesive is designed in such a way that multiple applications and removals are considered part of the lifespan of the decal. Low tack vinyl decals can be full color, custom shapes, and even done in large print runs. Anything done with normal-tack vinyl can be done with low tack, removable vinyl.
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