Perforated Vinyl Decals

Find out why perforated vinyl decals are perfect for your business
Perforated vinyl is the perfect way to take advantage of that unused advertising space on your businesses windows or storefronts. Advantage Signs and Graphics are professionals and experts when it comes to designing, producing, and installing perforated vinyl graphics.

Perforated Vinyl is a great way to turn any glass surface into advertising space.

Perforated window vinyl is useful mainly for windows and glass. Perforated window vinyl can be seen through one direction, and the other side is not see through at all. Perfect for window advertisement without sacrificing outdoor visibility. Every business enjoys a little privacy from outside and still wants to advertise. You will really get a lot of use from this perforated window vinyl.
perforated window vinyl decal inside view
perforated window vinyl decal outside view
Perforated vinyl graphics have several different ways they can be used. Their most unique feature is the one way mirror characteristic. This makes them extremely useful for vehicle graphics. You can cover an entire car window with a graphic and not have to worry about sacrificing visibility.
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