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Advantage Signs are Graphics are experts in the design, creation, and installation of custom cast vinyl decals, labels, and stickers. If your business is in need of any vinyl-based marketing materials like equipment decals, company logo stickers, or warning labels, and more: Advantage Signs and Graphics is standing by to assist you with getting the perfect decal made.

Does your busniness need quality and affordable cast vinyl decals? Look no further!

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Pros and Cons of cast vinyl decals and labels

Cast vinyl vs Calendered vinyl is an age old argument that has been had since the dawn of the printing industry. Ask 3 different printing professionals, and they will give you 3 different answers.

What we can tell you with 100% certainty is that there are specific characteristics of cast vinyl that sets it apart from from its calendered counterpart. 

What is cast vinyl?

Cast vinyl is the most common way of producing vinyl for commercial use. The process starts with liquid PVC, with a solvent mixed in. This liquid material is then poured into what looks like a gigantic baking pan (a flat mold) and sent through an oven on a conveyor belt. After this process, the is cooled, and the solvent dried, leaving behind a sheet of flexible, durable, cast vinyl. This vinyl is thinner than calendered vinyl, as there is less control over the thickness of the material, as gravity is primarily responsible for the shape and thickness of the vinyl. "Cast" vinyl get is name from the process of pouring liquid material into a molding "cast".
casting vinyl process

Long Exterior Lifetime

Perfect for Curved Surfaces

One of the first things you'll notice when handling a cast vinyl decal is that it's not rigid at all. Cast vinyl is extremely flexible and formable, and it is the best choice of vinyl for non - flat surfaces. Cast vinyl will effortlessly conform to the shape of the surface it is applied to. This makes them perfect for car doors, trailers, or flexible surfaces. Stick these to mudflaps, yard signs, and more!
The process of casting makes the output material very durable and resistant to physical wear. The cast vinyl has a much longer exterior lifespan than calendered vinyl. Cast vinyl can last up to 7 years outdoors. This vinyl is extremely UV resistant, and the colors and material will take much longer to decay under intense UV radiation. Decals made with cast vinyl are better suited for long term applications.
Cast vinyl material example

Is cast vinyl the right material for my decal, label, or sticker?

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Cast vinyl application
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Thinner Material
Lasts up to 7 years
Permanent or Removable Adhesive
1) Liquid PVC mixture

2) Material travels along conveyor system

3) Vinyl mixture passes under ovens

4) Ovens bake out solvents and solidify vinyl material

5) Cast vinyl is then rolled for shipment
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