Great news for anyone interested in reflective vinyl decals for their emergency vehicles. We can now utilize Avery Dennison's new product: Visiflex -  Prismatic Emergency Vehicle Graphics.

VisiFlex Prismatic Vehicle Graphics

What is VisiFlex?

Visiflex is a high quality, bold reflective prismatic vinyl that cuts easily, and has the ability to be digitally printed on!

Why VisiFlex Prismatic Emergency Vehicle Graphics?

Omnidirectional performance
Solid metallic layer: Resists water, dirt, and reflectivity loss
Striking day  / night appearance
Can be printed and cut
Suitable RA2-C materials for creating Chevrons (white/yellow/red) according to TPESC and DIN 30710
Long term durability: 7 years (standard), 5 years (fluorescent).

To learn more, visit the Avery Dennison blog
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