Decal and Vehicle Graphics Removal

Step 1 - Heat the decal

Heat will reactivate and soften the adhesive and the decal itself. This creates a much more pleasant removal experience. This can be done most easily by placing the decal to be removed in direct sunlight. If this cannot be achieved a blow drier, heat gun, torch can all be used with caution. Be very careful not to harm the surface the decal lies upon. We are heating the decal not lighting it on fire.

Step 2 - Peel the decal

Simple enough, peel up the decal. Slow but sure is best. If the decal is not to old it may come up in one piece.

Helpful Hints

- Keep the decal warm.
- On glass you can use a razor blade.
- Plastic razor blade, credit card, or fingernail can bring up the edge of the material to help with the peeling process. Be careful not to scratch your surface.

Step 3 - Adhesive Removal

Depending on the age and type of decal there may be some adhesive left behind after your removal. Please take great care when removing the goo. Paint thinner, nail polish remover, goo gone are all good options (test the product on an unnoticed area). Once adhesive is removed clean again with rubbing alcohol or soapy water.

Another great option for decal removal is to hire your local sign company to do the work for you. Contact Advantage Signs & Graphics, Inc. with any questions.
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